why do women like tall men

Why Do Women Like Tall Men? 11 Reasons

Women tend to want tall men, and you see that information everywhere. On social media, in movies, and in real life, you see couples involving tall men and short women. It’s so common that women will often disqualify a man as a potential date solely based on height.

It leaves many people wondering, “Why do women like tall men so much.” Here are 11 reasons that women often prefer having a taller partner in their life so you can get a better idea of what drives their decision.

Why Do Women Like Tall Men? 11 Reasons

Tall Men

There are various reasons tall men are sought after by short girls. Some are conscious choices and others are subconscious biases. Whether it’s coincidence or biology, who knows? Here are just a few possible reasons why women focus on men taller than them.

1. Feel Feminine

Conforming to male and female stereotypes can reinforce ideals of masculinity and femininity. To put it simply, because it is common for a man to be tall and a woman to be shorter in a relationship, it can be validating for her gender expression. It makes the woman feel prettier and more feminine because of how masculine a tall man is.

2. Tall Men Seem More Masculine

It also goes the other way. Women feel more feminine next to a tall man. However, taller men also seem more masculine. Thanks to societal norms, it’s common to see shorter men as less masculine and weaker. A man seems much more masculine if he is tall and can care for the woman.

3. Complimentary

Aesthetics have a lot to do with why women choose tall men. In public, in pictures, and in day-to-day life, having one person be tall and one be short in a relationship feels complimentary. They flatter each other in a way by being opposites and women find it attractive to feel she is dating someone who completes her.

4. Feel Protected

The standard stereotype for men is that they are the strong and protective ones in the relationship. Tall men have an advantage when it comes to protecting shorter girls because they are more imposing. Not only do they scare off other men, but their height usually means they are more powerful in dangerous situations.

5. Social Standards

Social Standards

Society has created a standard that the men have to be the taller one in the relationship so they can fulfill the stereotypical male and the same goes with women as the shorter one.

All over, from social media, movies, and real life, people talk constantly about tall men and short girls. We see these couples being represented and people often conform to a social standard like that after a while. It has a lot to do with following the herd.

6. Movie Stars

While relationships in movies often show the tall man and short girl dynamic, male movie stars in general are also very tall. Even actors who aren’t that tall are given boots or angled in such a way that they appear taller than female actresses.

In any movie, the lead male actor is likely to be above average height with a strong build. These characters are portrayed as strong and attractive, their height playing into that factor. Women are conditioned to look for those traits in a partner.

7. Statistically Better Off Financially

For whatever reason, study shows that for every inch added to a man’s height, his salary goes up. This number isn’t a small difference either as it can amount to thousands and this statistic has not gone unnoticed by women.

Women, like anyone else, want financial stability and when there is a chance, they will start to drift toward the people that fulfill that desire and have the role of breadwinner.

8. More Fit and Healthy

Tall men are more often interested in sports and fitness than shorter men. They seek out sports as they are often better at them thanks to their natural build and continue that fitness throughout their lives. They eat healthier to maintain their physique and generally live longer lives.

9. Tall Men Seek Short Women

Women often have an easier time finding men to date who are tall because those same men also seek out short women. Men view short women as more feminine and like being able to fill the protector role. They like being able to conform to the social standard just as much as women do.

10. Cuddling

Physical contact is very important in any relationship and cuddling is a common way of doing that. When cuddling, having one person be smaller than the other makes it much easier to hold and be held. The man can hold the woman and fulfill the protector role even when sleeping or just touching.

11. Helpful

While short women are perfectly capable of anything they want to be, sometimes having a little help doesn’t hurt. They don’t always want to have to climb on the counter to reach the top shelf or have to fix the car on their own. Having a little manly assistance from time to time is a huge benefit of dating a tall man.

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