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Why Do Guys Like Short Girls? 11 Reasons You Need to Know

The stereotypical couple walking down the street or in movies is often a tall guy and a short girl. Girls make jokes all the time about how they only date tall men. Men talk about how they want a shorter girl. But why is that?

Guys tend to drift over to short girls for when it comes to picking a partner for a relationship, but why do guys like short girls? Keep reading to find out 11 different reasons this might happen.

Why Do Guys Like Short Girls? 11 Reasons

Short Girls

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Guys liking short girls may seem like an unrealistic stereotype but it is seen quite often. Here are 13 reasons men often choose to date shorter women rather than tall ones.

1. More Approachable

Short girls are much more approachable in the eyes of men. The men tower over the girl so they feel much more confident in those situations. Men also often find tall girls to be intimidating because they seem more masculine due to their height. A short girl can’t do anything to a tall man and the shorter they are, the more likely they are to be dainty.

2. Easy to Carry

Short women are usually much lighter than taller women, making them easy to carry. This may seem irrelevant, but there are a few situations where this can apply. For things like piggyback rides during cute dates, sweeping the girl off her feet after a wedding, or even for more sexual activities, having a shorter woman comes in handy.

3. Societal Expectations

When it comes to the stereotypical straight couple, you often imagine a tall man and a short woman. It is the standard and people have started pushing it so much that it is the social norm. Without realizing it, many men drift towards short girls because that is what is ‘normal’ or expected of them.

4. Comfortable Cuddling

Cuddling is a natural part of any relationship. Physical contact is essential for most couples to function properly and cuddling is one of the many ways to fulfill that need. For men, holding a smaller woman is much easier than holding a tall one. It feels more natural as the girl slides into the curve of the body.

5. More Feminine

Shorter girls are often seen as being much more feminine than taller girls. They are dainty and small which is often linked to femininity. They often don’t play as many sports or get as bulky, which is seen as a masculine trait.

Tall girls are more often linked to masculinity because of their height. Men tend to want shorter women because they are intimidated by that and feel emasculated.

6. Seem Youthful


Shorter girls also appear more youthful because of their height. They stay a small height their whole lives, which makes them seem younger than they are. Youthful women often appear more open to new things, more energetic, and more relaxed. Men also like the appearance of younger women.

7. Protective

Men tend to have a natural protective instinct. They want to protect those they love. This is especially true when it comes to protecting a partner. Short women are easier to protect and the drive to protect them is stronger because they appear helpless. Men want to be useful and the best way they know how to do that is to be the protector.

8. Manliness

Fragile masculinity plays into this a bit too. Men feel manlier when they date shorter women, once again because they view them as fragile. All of the reasons combined lead to the tall man wanting to feel more masculine.

Short girls are more feminine, youthful, and dainty, and seem like they need to be protected. This makes the man feel more secure in their masculinity. A taller, stronger woman makes a man feel like less of a man.

9. Heels Work

Men typically do not like dating women taller than them because it can make them feel intimidated or insecure. Even if the woman is a similar height, it doesn’t work because if they ever wear heels, they will tower over him. Short girls on the other hand will continue to be shorter than the man whether they put on heels or not.

10. Short Guys Feel Tall

Getting away from the benefits for super tall guys, let’s focus on one of the benefits specifically for short guys. Guys have a problem dating women taller than them and often tall girls don’t want to date someone shorter than them. If short guys date short girls, however, then they at least match in height, or more often, the girl is still shorter than him.

11. Short Girls Seek Out Tall Guys More

Girls like tall guys. It is a well-known stereotype and fact that they tend to prefer men taller than them for similar reasons that guys want shorter girls. They seek out taller men, so guys typically have shorter women making up the majority of their dating pool. It’s a win-win for both parties.

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