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10 Fun Things to Do with Your Dog

A dog remains one of human’s most reliable and friendly companions. Even if your whole world came tumbling down, and everyone around you left, you can count on your dog to be there for you, provided that you’ve been treating her properly. So, always find ways to make your dog happy and make your bond stronger. This article offers you the 10 fun things to do with your dog.

10 Fun Things to Do with Your Dog


1. Hiking

Hiking is one of the most enjoyable ways to relax and get your mind off things. Instead of experiencing the journey alone, carry your best companion along with you. Although dogs are domesticated animals, they’re created to thrive out there in the wild.

So, it’s important to let your dog experience life out there in the world once in a while. There are numerous benefits of taking your dog on hikes. For instance, it will help her to build endurance, which is necessary for her physical fitness and overall health.

Hiking also boosts your dog’s enthusiasm for nature and outdoor activities. It’s normal for dogs, especially little pooches, to be scared of things like vehicles and other animals they encounter out there. This can prevent your dog from enjoying outdoor activities.

The best way to help your dog overcome this fear is to take her out on hikes as often as possible. It will boost her enthusiasm and leave her looking forward to the next hike. It’s also an opportunity to meet and socialize with other dogs and experience new environments.

2. Swimming

Dogs are great swimmers if they’re trained properly. Your dog would love to take a soaking bath once in a while. The same way you enjoy diving into the pool on a hot summer day to cool off.

Aside from helping your dog relax, swimming also improves her muscular strength because she has to work harder to wade through the water. This also improves your dog’s tone and cardiovascular system.

Unlike the physical exercises done on land, which expose your dog to concussions, swimming provides the necessary resistance for the dog to build strength. Don’t be surprised to learn that one minute of swimming for a dog is equivalent to four minutes of running.

However, you should combine swimming with other physical exercises to give your dog’s bones enough strength and density. Today, many vets are recommending swimming as a form of therapy for dogs, especially those suffering from arthritis, cruciate ligament injuries, stroke, muscle degeneration, hip and elbow dysplasia, and paralysis.

3. Agility Exercises

Dogs are built to be physically fit. That’s why you must always ensure your dog remains fit. This prevents problems like obesity, frail bones and joints, and poor physical endurance.
Agility training is the most effective way to improve your dog’s physical fitness. So, what is agility training? It is a competitive sporting event that takes a dog through various obstacles.

A dog’s agility is measured by its ability to navigate these obstacles accurately and quickly. This training is mainly designed to test a dog’s athletic prowess, willingness to work with you, and level of breaking in. It engages the dog’s mental concentration and physical abilities.

Perfect examples of agility training include jumping over obstacles, navigating around obstacles, weaving through poles, running up A-frame structures, trotting over raised walkways, and dashing through tunnels. This training offers you an opportunity to spend quality time with your dog.

It also improves the dog’s natural instincts by teaching it how to find, trace, and hunt for prey. Through this training, your dog will learn how to navigate through different obstacles and survive in different settings. Since the agility training exercises mimic the natural obstacles a dog might encounter in real life, they will stimulate its natural instincts.

4. Visiting a Dog Park

There are many benefits of visiting a dog park once in a while. For instance, it improves your dog’s socialization because it gives her an opportunity to meet other dogs and bond with them. If your dog is scared of other dogs, taking her to the dog park frequently will help her get over the fear and start enjoying the company of other dogs.

You also get to understand your pooch better because she will encounter things and situations that will force her to react a certain way. This way, you can watch her as she interacts with other dogs. You may be surprised to learn that she enjoys the company of other dogs more than you thought she would.

You may also assume that she will be skittish around other dogs and people, but after taking her to the dog park severally, she develops a friendlier attitude towards strangers. Regular visits to the dog park will enhance your dog’s physical abilities and health. Just make sure you walk to and from the park, instead of driving there.

5. Jogging

Yes, you love jogging every morning or evening because it keeps you in great shape, but what makes you think it won’t do the same for your dog? You may be surprised to learn that your dog enjoys jogging more than you.

In any case, jogging with your dog helps you to kill two birds with a single stone. Instead of jogging alone and spending extra hours taking your dog for a walk, you should combine the two by carrying your dog along for your morning and evening jogs.

Jogging also improves your dog’s agility, giving it a stronger build. It’s a perfect way to improve your dog’s running prowess. This is important when you’re keeping a dog for security purposes. She needs to run and chase intruders effectively.

Jogging helps to keep your dog’s mind sharp the same way it does it does to your mind. Keeping your dog locked up in the house six days a week can take a huge toll on its mental health. Running around helps a dog to stay focused and happy. You can even compete with each other to make it more interesting.


6. Romping Around in the Snow

Who said you can’t have outdoor fun with your canine friend in winter? Like humans, dogs love snowy days. So, instead of providing her with an extra layer of cover to keep her warm, take her outside and let her jump into the fresh pack of snow. But make sure she can endure excess cold.

For instance, dogs with long fur tend to endure excess cold more than their short-haired or hairless counterparts. Breeds like husky and malamute have snow-repelling fur and smaller ears that enable them to thrive in chilling weather conditions. If your dog belongs to such breeds, you can have fun romping around in the snow instead of sitting in the house for days doing nothing.

7. Teaching Her a New Trick

Dogs enjoy acquiring tricks and receiving reinforcers once in a while. This not only makes your dog smarter but also helps you build a stronger bond with her. These tricks can be basic things like fetching items, rolling over, jumping over obstacles, etc.

Make sure to reward her with enforcers after a successful training session. Reinforcers can be simple treats like food or a show of excitement and happiness. You can also reinforce good behavior by praising your dog when she learns a new trick.

8. Go to the Beach

Like human beings, dogs love going to the beach and relaxing on the white or golden sand on a hot summer day. Playing the fetch game with your dog on the beach is a perfect way to enjoy the summer together. You can even make the game more exciting and challenging for her by throwing the ball into the water.

This combines two or more fun experiences into one since your dog will enjoy running, learning new tricks, and taking a cold bath on a hot summer day. This will also keep her physically fit and improve her recovery from health conditions like arthritis, joint pain, and other inflammations.

9. Get a Massage

The next time you’re visiting a spa for a massage session, don’t forget to bring your canine friend along. Some spas today are offering both human and doggy massage therapies. They’ve realized that even dogs can benefit immensely from this type of therapy.

For instance, doggy massage will give your dog stronger immunity, enhanced blood circulation, better digestion, and stress relief. Even if your local spa doesn’t offer doggy massage, you can still find freelance pet groomers who offer such services.

10. Play Hide and Seek

You can do this by hiding your dog’s favorite toy and letting her find it on her own. Start with easy-to-find hiding spots to allow her to get the gist of the game. Then advance to more challenging spots as the game becomes more exciting.

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