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17 Songs about Friends with Benefits You Can Relate to

Sometimes, people get a little lonely and search for something to cling to. Committed relationships are scary and often uncertain, but you still have needs. So, you turn to a friend.

A lot of different things come out of a situation like that. There are more uncertainties, friendships are destroyed, relationships form, or it could be harmless fun. These 17 songs about friends with benefits explore all these possibilities and more.

17 Songs about Friends with Benefits

Many songs are interpreted as being about friends with benefits relationships, but here are some of the most direct and obvious ones to add to your playlist when you need something to relate to.

1. “F.W.B.” by Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady serenades his best friend in this song, telling her how amazing their friendship is, but there could still be more. He tells her he’s been imagining this, wanting it for a while. If she agrees, they could have something amazing with no strings attached. He wants them to both be able to do their own thing as friends, but when the need comes, they are there for each other.

2. “Body Say” by Demi Lovato

This song doesn’t directly state it’s about friends with benefits, but the meaning behind it is still relatable. “Body Say” is about wanting to give into sexual desires towards someone, but holding back because it could cause issues.

When you are attracted to a friend in that way, you resist because you don’t want to ruin what you have. But like the song, you learn to embrace those needs and give in.

3. “Señorita” by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello

It is rumored that Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello started as friends with benefits before dating, writing this song about that time in their lives. “Señorita” describes two friends who cannot seem to take their hands off each other, needing to be close and not caring about the consequences.

While this situation ended up as a relationship for Mendes and Cabello, it doesn’t always, making this very relatable.

4. “Ruin the Friendship” by Demi Lovato

Rumored to be written about her close friend Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato sings about wanting to take a friendship to the next level. She sings about how she knows it could ruin what they have, but she wants to cross that line and can’t wait any longer. Lovato shared a vulnerable experience many people go through, wanting to change a precious friendship into one with added benefits.

5. “Friends With Benefits” by KSI and MNDM

KSI sings about how he and his friend are too young to be locked down. They have their whole lives ahead of them and don’t need to worry about relationships. They both still have their needs of course, so why not fulfill them for each other with no strings attached? He tells her to stop pretending there’s nothing between them.

6. “R U Mine?” by Arctic Monkeys

Everyone has experienced uncertainty in relationships, especially ones that involve friends with benefits. You don’t know which way they will go or how it will end and that is what the Arctic Monkeys are singing about in “R U Mine?” The singer is going crazy trying to figure out what is happening, begging the friend to tell him what they are to one another.

7. “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This” by Toby Keith

“You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This” is about being trapped in a relationship dynamic that you know is wrong and you need to escape. It just feels so right and it’s hard to turn away. Just like Toby Keith, you get swept up with a friend and while you know you shouldn’t do it, you ignore the potential consequences and keep doing it anyway.

8. “Don’t” by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran sings about a girl who led him on, toying with his feelings so that she could have all the benefits of a relationship without commitment. His heart kept getting yanked around as he fell deeper and she continued to use him.

When feelings are one-sided in a friends with benefits relationship, you don’t want to lose what you have with the other person, but it also feels painful as your feelings get pushed to the side.

9. “Distraction” by Kehlani

We all need a distraction from the hard times in our lives. Sometimes, turning to a friend as a distraction is the best way to do that.

Kehlani finds a girl who she likes but just wants to mess around with because she doesn’t want to commit to anything serious. It’s a casual fling with no expectations and is meant to be a fun way to unwind, just like many other friends with benefits situations.

10. “Best Friends” by The Weeknd

“Best Friends” is about the Weeknd trying to have a casual fling with his friend, but the woman wants to take it further. He started a simple fling because he had just gotten out of a toxic relationship and was not ready for something serious.

He warned her about this, but she couldn’t help it. Developing feelings is one of the dangers of starting a friends with benefits relationship and is a common occurrence that leads to things ending badly.

11. “Something That We’re Not” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is venting her frustrations about a guy who is pushing her into a relationship that she never wanted. She wanted a casual relationship and is frustrated with how things have unfolded. She reflects on how things were when they started and regrets not noticing the signs earlier.

If one person in the friendship has feelings, they might push for benefits, hoping for something more. It often doesn’t work out like that, however. Instead, both sides are left hurt and confused.

12. “Sleeping with a Friend” by Neon Trees

“Sleeping with a Friend” dives into the feelings and fears about starting a friends with benefits relationship. You both don’t want anything to come out of it besides the casual fling, but more often than not, things end badly. In the song, Neon Trees desperately wants to take their friendship a step further but they don’t want the fling to end in heartbreak for either party.

13. “Booty Call” by G. Love

“Booty Call” by G. Love reverses the usual order of a friends with benefits situation. He finds the perfect girl to sleep with and calls her up for a booty call. They get along really well to the point he takes an interest in her, not romantically, but as a friend. Their friendship develops to the point that they now call it a friends with benefits relationship rather than just a booty call.

14. “Bad Ideas” by Tessa Violet

Tessa Violet knows she shouldn’t act on her feelings, but she desperately wants the person she is singing about. She wants to touch and kiss the friend more than anything, the thrill of it taking over her. When you start becoming attracted to a friend, these feelings take over when you know they shouldn’t. It feels wrong and you’re left fighting with your own emotions.

15. “Loverboy” by You Me At Six

The player this song is about has no interest in any woman besides the sex they give them. This includes dates and even friends. He comes onto one of his friends, knowing that he’ll never date her. Instead, he tries to persuade her to become another one of his hookups.

He wants no strings attached, just another person to toy with even if the girl regrets it at the end of it all. While a bit sad from the woman’s perspective, it’s an honest depiction of some friends with benefits relationships.

16. “Iz U Down” by Kid Ink ft. Tyga

There are a lot of uncertainties in relationships that lead people to want to avoid them altogether. When you don’t want a relationship but still want to love somebody, you turn to a friend to get those benefits. However, there’s often a lot of uncertainty in these relationships.

That uncertainty leads Kid Ink to ask if the other person is down with whatever happens during their relationship, even the potential feelings.

17. “Company” by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber just wants to make a connection with someone, no matter what kind. He wants some company but doesn’t want to put pressure on it becoming a relationship and is okay with it just being physical.

Bieber knows that emotions and needs will happen, and he wants them to develop naturally. When in that situation with a friend, sometimes you need to be okay with something else coming out of it.

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