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11 Unique Small Bedroom Ideas to Maximize Space

Your bedroom is your safe haven where you go to seek peace and tranquility after a long, chaotic day. Therefore, you need to turn it into your little heaven, regardless of size.

If you have little space in your bedroom, you should find ways to maximize the little space and turn it into a blissful sanctuary. Here are 11 unique small bedroom ideas to maximize the available space.

11 Small Bedroom Ideas to Maximize Space

If you don’t know what to do with your small bedroom to make it feel more spacious and comfortable, here are some unique ideas to help you increase space in your tiny bedroom.

1. Creating Illusional Space

Illusional Space

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You may not have enough physical space in your bedroom to play around with to make the room appear large and spacious but you can create illusional space. The most effective way to achieve this is to install mirrors to bounce light across the room.

The bounced light will illuminate even the hidden space around the room thus making it appear larger than it actually is. Your mirrors should be positioned opposite windows to bounce the natural light. You can also place them on the walls to make the room appear deeper.

2. Color Drenching

Color Drenching

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Many interior designers would agree that painting your entire bedroom white or beige will make it appear larger. But this is not the only painting idea that can help you create more illusional space in your room.

Contrary to what many people assume, bold colors can also help you make your small bedroom appear spacious. You can achieve this through color drenching. This means painting everything in your room the same color, including walls, ceiling, furniture, and even room heaters.

This may not be one of the most fleeting techniques but it might prove extremely beneficial to you if you have a small bedroom that makes you feel boxed in. Monotone interior styles create a cocooning space that reduces visual noise to create a soothing atmosphere.

This is necessary for small bedrooms that are likely to feel messy due to the lack of space. You can gain this effect by choosing earthy colors like terracotta which exudes warmth naturally. Consider adding in some intonation colors with a minor tonal difference through the woodwork and accessories.

This makes the entire room feel cohesive.

3. Prioritize Curves

Prioritize Curves

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The corners in your small bedroom are mainly to blame for the boxy feeling. Therefore, you should choose interior designs that flow to create a constant flow across the room.

The sweeping silhouette will make the small bedroom appear larger and deeper because it eliminates angles. When you’re choosing furniture and other fittings for your small bedroom, choose the ones with gentle curves because they add an element of an unbroken visual flow.

Gentle curves are very good at promoting a feeling of comfort and space. This way, you can create the welcoming and calm atmosphere that you desire in your bedroom.

4. Installing Vanity Units

Vanity Units

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Vanity units in your small bedroom will not only create illusional space but also provide you with spaces to keep items that might clutter the room. For example, you can create a built-in makeup table.

This allows you to remove the makeup table and chair that are likely to consume more space in your bedroom. You can even install a built-in walk-in wardrobe where you can keep all your clothes and makeup table.

This frees up space in your bedroom and keeps it looking well-organized and spacious.

5. Arrange Your Items Creatively

Arrange Your Items

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When you’re designing a small bedroom, you have to think out of the box, especially when it comes to arranging your furniture and other fittings. For instance, you can create a built-in storage space where you can keep all the items you don’t use every day.

You can also have shelves and wall-mounted racks to hold your books, magazines, and other small items. This allows you to do away with that bedside table that’s eating up space. However, build these fittings sparingly to avoid blocking the windows and doors that bring in natural light, making the room appear more spacious.

Find ways to personalize your fitted wardrobe and wall-mounted racks to ensure they fit in seamlessly and create a continuous visual flow. For instance, you can integrate your hanging railings with pigeonhole shelves, shoe racks, and drawers to keep everything organized and maximize space.

6. Get Multifunctional Fittings

Multifunctional Fittings

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Multifunctional fittings come in handy when you are trying to maximize space in your small bedroom. For instance, you should find a fitting that can double up as a bedside storage space and a bedside seat. This fitting is in the form of a drawer that goes under your bed.

You can use it to store your books, magazines, shoes, extra bedding, and other items that are likely to consume space and make your bedroom appear cluttered. Keeping these items away will create more space in the room.

You can also have storage benches and footstools kept at the end of your bed. You can use the extra storage space to stash away your laptops, chargers, power extensions, and cables. Reclaim the extra space for other more important items or for your evening relaxation.

7. Make Use of the Awkward Corners

Awkward Corners

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If your small bedroom has awkward corners that leave small spaces where large fittings like beds, tables, and seats can’t fit, you should find ideas on how to make the space useful.

For example, you can use the space to install hanging railings or built-in shelves where you can keep superfluous stuff like shoes, books, magazines, extra bedding, etc. This way, you’ll free up usable space in the main area for other more important things.

8. Make Your Headboard More Useful


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Do you know you can turn your bed’s headboard into an effective storage space or surface area? Instead of leaving the board to occupy too much space, you can design it to hold extra items like your smartphones, laptops, reading lights, books, etc.

This way, you can do away with bedside tables and other bulky furniture because you have enough surface area to hold your items. Turning your headboard into a storage space will save you a few bucks because you won’t need to invest in expensive bedside tables and cabinets.

9. Wall-Mounted Lights

Wall-Mounted Lights

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Instead of installing full bedside lamps, you should go for the smaller options that are mounted on the wall to free up space in your bed. This also improves the overall layout of your bedroom.

These lights will also illuminate the entire room thus creating an illusion of extra space. However, some of these lights can be expensive. So, take your time to find discounts or cheaper options.

10. Go for Sliding Doors and Windows

Sliding Doors

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Swinging doors and windows can consume a lot of space in your bedroom and make it look cluttered. You can free up this space by replacing your swinging doors and windows with sliding options.

If your wardrobe, bathroom, and enclosures have swinging doors, swap them with sliding doors, which are more adaptable and consume less space.

11. Keep It Modest


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Dare to strip your small bedroom back to basics. The more items you keep in your small room, the smaller it appears. So, only keep the things you need to feel comfortable in your bedroom.

Everything else should be removed and stashed away or sold to free up space. For instance, only keep a few décor elements. If you have a surface area on your headboard or hanging railings next to your bed, you don’t need bedside tables and cabinets.

If there are wall-mounted lights in your bedroom, remove the extra bedside lamps. Just look around the room to see what you can remove to create more space.

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