how to get the bleach smell off your hands

How to Get the Bleach Smell off Your Hands Quickly: 5 Ways

We all use bleach to clean and disinfect our homes, offices, and other personal and public spaces. However, bleach has one of the strongest smells that can make your life unbearable, especially if it gets stuck on your hands after a laundry session. So, how do you get the bleach smell off your hands quickly?

This article offers you five effective ways to remove the bleach smell from your hands immediately.

5 Ways to Remove the Smell of Bleach From Your Hands


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Since you can’t avoid using bleach in your house, you can only learn how to get rid of its strong smell from your hands after use. This way, you can keep everything in your house clean and germs-free. Here are the most effective ways to remove the strong smell from your hands.

1. Neutralizing It with Lemon or Tomato

You can easily neutralize the strong base chemical in bleach with readily available items like lemons and tomatoes. These food items are known to be rich in natural acids. So, you can even out your bleach’s pH and get rid of its strong smell by combining it with palatable liquid acid in lemons and tomatoes.

You can follow the following steps to eradicate the unpleasant bleach odor from your hands. First, get lemon juice (you can also use lime, grapefruit, orange, or any other citrus juice). Alternatively, use tomato sauce, paste, or puree. Vinegar is also effective.

Rub your hands with the juice or vinegar, ensuring that it covers every part of your hand. Do so for at least one minute and make sure even the spaces between your fingers are properly covered.

Don’t wash your hands immediately. Leave the juice in for another minute to allow it to soak in. This way, it will completely neutralize the strong bleach and leave your hands smelling nice and fresh.

Then rinse your hands with water, preferably cold water. This should get rid of the awful smell. But if there are traces of the bleach smell, repeat the process until the odor is completely gone.

However, the first attempt should get rid of the smell, provided that you use the right amount of lemon juice.

2. Soaking Your Hands

If the first step doesn’t work, you can soak your hands in diluted lemon juice, tomato sauce, or vinegar. This method is ideal for people who don’t want to wash their hands with straight acidic juices.

Dilute one cup of lemon juice, tomato sauce, or vinegar with an equal amount of cool water. Then soak your hands in the mixture for at least 3 minutes. Then rinse your hands. Viola! The smell is gone.

3. Exfoliant Scrub


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Don’t lose hope if the first two steps don’t work. There’s another more effective technique to eliminate the unpleasant smell from your hands. This involves creating an exfoliant scrub using ordinary household items.

This method involves combining dry food that has high levels of acid with bleach to even out the pH. Please note that the awful bleach smell comes from the high level of pH in the cleaning product. So, once the pH is completely diluted and the pH evened out, the smell will go away naturally.

Instead of using lemon juice, tomato sauce, or vinegar, you can use baking soda or ground coffee. Any of these food items contains dry acid that can neutralize the base in bleach.

Take your preferred dry acid rub and rub it all over your smelly hands. Don’t rush it. Take time to rub it even in the hidden parts of your hands, including the space between your fingers and under the nails.

A nice rub should take at least one minute. Rub your hands the same way you do when you’re using an exfoliant scrub. Once you’re satisfied with the rub, wipe off the exfoliant from your hands and rinse them with water (preferably hot water).

This should get rid of all the bad odor from your hands. The exfoliant scrub gets deep into the pores of your skin, removing all traces of bleach. You can use coffee if you don’t like the smell of baking soda. Both options are quite effective.

4. Deodorizing Moisturizer

In this method, you can use natural oils, soaps, or lotions. Since these deodorizing moisturizers are made from natural products like plants, vegetables, and fruits, they have wonderful aromas.

So, they’ll help you to remove the awful bleach odor and at the same leave your skin moisturized. Bleach dries your skin out, leaving it feeling dehydrated and rough. Therefore, you need a solution that removes the bleach odor and leaves the skin fully hydrated.

For this method, you can use coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, aloe vera lotion, tea tree oil, citrus-based lotion, citrus-based soaps, or any other natural moisturizer with a pleasant aroma. Luckily, you can find many lotions and soaps that can help you wash your hands and provide you with the same moisturizing effect as the one provided by lotions.

You can get these items from your local health food shops and grocery stores. What’s more, they are available at pocket-friendly prices. So, you won’t have to break the bank just to remove the bleach odor from your hands.

When it comes to applying the lotion, you don’t have to overdo it. Just apply a little lotion at a time to avoid over-oiling your hands. Removing the excess oil will require additional cleaning steps that will take a lot of time and effort.

A few dollops of lotion are enough to remove the bleach smell. Just make sure the lotion spreads all over your hands. That’s the only way the lotion will get the job done at once. If you decide to use a citrus-based soap, lather up with hot water.

This is necessary for helping the soap to latch onto the base molecules on your hands and break them apart. Make sure the soap spreads all over your hands. Lather up for at least a minute to lift all the bleach molecules.

Then rinse your hands thoroughly with water and wipe them dry with a towel. This should get the job done.

5. Essential oils from Herbs or Flowers

The wide range of essential oils on the market can help you remove the unpleasant smell of bleach from your hands. However, these oils shouldn’t be applied directly to your skin.

Most essential oils are very strong. So, they’re likely to cause side effects if you apply them directly. You should dilute your oils in a carrier oil before you apply them to your skin.

Some of the most effective essential oils that you can use to wash off the bleach smell include lemon, marjoram, chamomile, peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender. For carrier oils, you can choose sweet almonds, hempseed, olive, sunflower, or fractionated coconut oils.

Follow the steps indicated on the label of your preferred essential oil. Most manufacturers offer instructions on how to dilute their oils with carrier oils. The rule of thumb is to use 2 percent of the carrier to dilute your essential oil.

This means that you should dilute one drop of essential oil with an ounce of carrier oil. This keeps the essential oil effective without exposing your risk to the risk of reactions. Make sure the diluted essential oil covers every part of your hand.

Rub it in for at least a minute and leave it to soak in before rinsing your hands. This will leave your hands smelling wonderful and looking moisturized.

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