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99 Most Popular Celtic Girl Names with Their Meanings

As you search for the perfect name for your baby girl, you’ll most likely come across Celtic girl names. Celtic is a popular language family consisting of numerous archaeological cultures, including the Indo-European ethnolinguistic European community. The term “Celtic” means “in the style of Celts” or “of the Celts”.

If you believe a Celtic name is perfect for your baby girl, here are the 99 most popular Celtic girl names with their meanings.

99 Celtic Girl Names with Their Meanings


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1. Aidan – Little fire.
2. Briana – High, noble, hill, or resolute.
3. Brianna – Noble or exalted.
4. Tara – Star.
5. Abria – Strength, power, father of many.
6. Afric – Pleasant, pleasing, agreeable, or woman from Africa.
7. Agnese – Lamb, or a variant of Agnes.
8. Aife – Beauty, a mighty warrior woman of myth, or a variant of the name Aoife.
9. Ailidh – Kind, light, noble, or the bright one.
10. Alane – Fair, harmony, peace, a little rock, or a type of English name Alana.
11. Alani – A little rock, harmony, dear child, or peace.
12. Alanis – A little rock.
13. Allana – A little rock, peaceful, serene, fair maiden, beautiful maiden, or a variant form of the name Alana.
14. Alline – A variant form of the name Alana or Aline, a little rock, harmony, peaceful, lovely, or of a noble kind.
15. Alley – A little rock or harmony.
16. Alyn – Precious.
17. Alula – Firstborn.
18. Arieen – A noblewoman who keeps an oath.
19. Arlene – An oath, pledge, or promise.
20. Arlynn – The one who has many aspirations or a pledge.
21. Avalina – A beautiful bird full of life and charm.
22. Avarlon – A fruit that is found in paradise.
23. Barra – A spear.
24. Bedelia – Powerful, strong, or the exalted one. It can also be a variant form of Bridget.
25. Bellicent – A variant form of the name Belenus – a Celtic sun God. It can also mean brilliant or a bright woman.
26. Berget – The most powerful, strong, or the exalted one. It’s also a variant form of the name Bridget.
27. Berry – A spear, dune, mound, noble, bright, or a fair-headed woman. It can also refer to a pale green gemstone or a variant form of the name Barrie.
28. Birgit – A strong woman.
29. Braedyn – The heir or the descendant of Braden.
30. Bre – A powerful or strong woman. It also refers to the ability to subdue others.
31. Brea – A woman who is as virtuous or strong as a hill.
32. Breanna – A noble, resolute, or exalted woman.
33. Breana – A virtuous or honorable woman.
34. Breanne – A hill, power, or strength from God.
35. Brenyn – A teardrop.
36. Briaca – A feminine form of the name Briac. It also means disputed.
37. Bryana – A noble, virtuous, strong woman. It can also mean a hill or a woman who ascends.
38. Ciarra – Dark, dim, dusk, or not fair.
39. Dana – God is my judge, pearl, or brave.
40. Davan – A fascinating person.
41. Delia – A jewel of the sea.
42. Diva – A divine woman or a beloved and beautiful lady.
43. Duna – A little dark one or a woman who is tall and confident like a hill.
44. Dylynn – A woman who emerged from the sea.
45. Eirin – An Irish woman or a woman who is self-motivated and restless.
46. Eislyn – A dream or a beautiful and pretty rose.
47. Erian – A person from Ireland.
48. Erie – A person who belongs to Ireland.
49. Erna – An eagle.
50. Ernaline – Capable, serious, or a battle to death.
51. Ethylene – Noble.
52. Eulah – A sweet-spoken person or someone who is like a gem of the sea.
53. Euna – A lamb or hunger.
54. Gallia – An irritation or a wound.
55. Genaine – A tribal lady or a queen.
56. Giliam – A young and youthful girl.
57. Gilian – Youthful.
58. Gillien – A young or youthful person.
59. Ginnette – A woman of the people or a tribal woman. It can also mean Yahweh is gracious.
60. Glenn – A valley.
61. Glenna – From the valley or the Glen.
62. Glennie – The one from the valley.
63. Glennis – The Glen Valley.
64. Glyn – Fair, good, or the one from the valley.
65. Glynn – Fair.
66. Gusti –God’s staff or the one who belongs to the group that serves God.
67. Gustin – The staff of God or the one who belongs to a group that serves God.
68. Gusty – A person who is part of a group that serves God or God’s staff.
69. Hashna – Happiness or savior.
70. Jena – A lady of the people, a tribal woman, a virgin, or a little bird.
71. Jenna – A little bird.
72. Ethyll – Noble.
73. Brei – Strength, power, or a strong woman.
74. Jenevieve – A female runner or competitor.
75. Eula – God speaking, wealthy, a gem of the sea, or sacred red.
76. Breigh – A father of many or a strong and powerful person.
77. Glynnes – Good.
78. Brigthwyna – A strong girl.
79. Boudibiua – A woman who is born to win or be victorious.
80. Bodicca – A woman who is great or victorious.
81. Imogen – A maiden.
82. Jenavieve – A female running competition.
83. Gwendolyn – A fair bow or a blessed ring.
84. Celt – A musical and exotic name.
85. Celtic – Musical.
86. Endellion – Fire or soul.
87. Conwenna – A white, fair, or blessed person.
88. Cordelia – A jewel sea or the heart of a lion.
89. Crad – Diminutive of Caradoc, which implies extremely adored or loved.
90. Cutha – A comical person.
91. Enid – A spirit.
92. Enide – Fair or spirit.
93. Enyd – Spirit, soul, or life.
94. Ereni – A peaceful woman.
95. Deirdre – A woman with a broken heart.
96. Genamarie – A tribal virgin.
97. Gilda – A sacrifice, tribute, or a person who serves God.
98. Glema – A glen or a valley.
99. Glencora – The lady of the valley or the heart of the valley.

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