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Top 8 Celebration of Life Ideas to Honor Your Loved One

One way to show love and care to your loved ones is to celebrate them at every significant stage in their lives, including when their souls depart from this world. Fortunately, there are numerous unique ways to celebrate the lives of your loved ones when they depart. Here are the top 8 celebration of life ideas to honor your loved one.

What Is Celebration of Life?


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Celebration of life is a special ceremony held by family and friends of the deceased to celebrate their life and honor the moments they spent together. This celebration is normally held after the remains of the deceased have been buried or cremated.

Funeral arrangements can be cumbersome, especially after a sudden demise. You’ll have a lot on your hands, leaving little time to celebrate the deceased in any meaningful way. But after the burial, there’s enough time for relatives, friends, and colleagues of the deceased to meet and honor them in a special way.

You’ll also have enough time to plan and figure out the best way to celebrate the life of your loved one after the funeral. Therefore, you can take time to find the most effective and unique celebration of life ideas. Since there’s enough time to plan the ceremony, you shouldn’t rush to put together half-baked ideas.

You can even hire an event organizer to plan the ceremony for you if you don’t have time or knowledge of organizing such events. When you’re hiring an event planner for your ceremony, make sure they have the needed experience to make the event a success.

Although a celebration of life event isn’t burdened by any social expectation, it can be whatever you want it to be. Nevertheless, you have to ensure that it meets the emotional wishes of every guest. This is why you have to think carefully about the ideas you choose.

Make sure you understand the emotional desires of all your guests. Furthermore, take into consideration the unique personality traits and lifestyle of the deceased. That is the only way you’ll succeed in honoring them with a memorable celebration of life event.

Remember that as much as this event is a celebration of the life of the departed soul, it should also take the form of a ritual to honor the departed spirit. Therefore, it should be in line with the deceased’s beliefs, values, and overall lifestyle.

Generally, the celebration of life and funeral events have a lot in common, but they should appear different. For instance, one event is more entrenched in tradition than the other. The funeral is rooted in culture while the celebration of life ceremony is often inspired by the recent variation in social ideals.

Both events help the grieving family, friends, and the community to publicly acknowledge that their loved one has died. They also serve as a way to support the bereaved family by bringing together caring friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

Although the two events are done separately, they help to move the departed soul from one social rank to another. Notwithstanding all these similarities, the two events are aimed at achieving their objectives in very diverse ways.

8 Celebration of Life Ideas to Honor Your Loved One

1. Create a Cookbook


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If you’re celebrating the life of your wife, mother, daughter, or even a friend who loved cooking, you should honor them with a beautiful cookbook. You should consult the friends and family members who spent enough time with the deceased to know if they had some favorite recipes.

If they did, then find a way of including the recipes in the cookbook. You should also include their favorite meals and ingredients. Make enough copies of your cookbook so that everyone at the ceremony gets a copy.

They’ll remember the departed soul every time they prepare and enjoy one of the meals in the book. Food serves as a special place in creating memories with our friends and relatives.

2. Craft Personalized Jewelry in Their Memory


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Imagine carrying your loved one whose soul has departed from the world with you everywhere you go. This is possible with personalized jewelry crafted in their memory. Memorial jewels have become very popular because they offer a simple way to keep your loved ones in your memory.

Also referred to as remembrance jewelry or cremation jewelry, a piece of memory jewelry can be a simple ring, pendant, wristband, etc. You can engrave the deceased’s name, date of death, or face into the jewelry.

It can also be an elaborate piece of precious stone or a mixture of cremains and precious minerals. Hire an experienced artist to design your jewelry. Share the jewelry with the guests.

3. Prepare a Photo Collage

Photo Collage

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Photos are meant to bring back the memories of the experiences you had with the deceased. They also remind everyone at the event of the deceased and the life they lived.

You can even share the photos with the guests after the event as keepsakes. Ask friends and relatives of the deceased to provide all the amazing photos they have of them so that you can reproduce and share them with other guests.

In this digital era, it’s very easy to create an online photo album that you can share with everyone who matters to the deceased. These photos can also help you to create a slide show that you can display at the event. Alternatively, you can create a physical photo album to share with the guests.

4. Written Memories

Written Memories

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Aside from making oral presentations at the event, your guests should also prepare written memories of the deceased that can be shared at the event. These stories can serve as memories to reminisce about the good experiences you had with the departed soul when they were alive.

They also help the bereaved to heal. The guests who can’t make it to the event can also get to read what everybody has to say about the deceased.

5. Play Their Favorite Tunes


Music is food to the soul. Therefore, make sure there’s enough music at the event to keep your guests entertained. Music will also achieve the intended emotional objectives of the event.

You can play the kind of tunes that the deceased loved to keep their spirit alive at the event. The music will create beautiful memories of the event and help the bereaved relatives and friends heal.

You can even prepare a playlist of their favorite tunes to share with the guests after the event. You can even ask the guests and family members to contribute to the playlist by adding songs that the deceased shared with them when they were alive.

6. Prepare Poems or Prayers


Special poems are a great tool for celebrating a departed soul. You can ask guests who are poets to prepare several poems and prayers that can be dedicated to the deceased. These poems and prayers can also be shared with the guests afterward as keepsakes.

7. Create a Memorial


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Memorials are important because they link the present with the past, allowing the bereaved family, friends, and community to remember the great times they spent with the deceased.

So, creating a memorial for your loved one will bring everyone together to remember the impact that the deceased had on the family and community. It’ll also help the young ones to learn about the sacrifices the deceased made and the impact they had on the community.

You can donate a tree that will be planted at their favorite place of worship, restaurant, school, workplace, etc. You can also establish the memorial in the deceased backyard. The trees and flowers will keep their memory alive long after they’re gone.

8. Create a Video of the Event


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Since not every family member, colleague, friend, or community member will be able to attend the celebration of life event, they would love to see what happened in their absence. Therefore, you need to record the event and produce video copies that you can share with everyone.

You can also live stream the event on social media to allow those who are far away to follow. Rewatching and replaying the video will help you to keep the departed loved one in your memory.