To już dzisiaj! Nasza długo wyczekiwana produkcja This is the Zodiac Speaking ma swoją premierę i jest dostępna na Steamie.

We’re working on Moonshine, the comic books series by legendary duo Brian Azzarello and Eduaro Risso, creators of 100 Bullets and Batman series.

This is the Zodiac Speaking nominated by Pixel Awards Europe 2019 in two categories:

Best Audio
Best Narrative

Ordery Graczpospolitej 2018:

Best Debut: Punch Punk Games

Best Indie Game & Best Mobile Game: Apocalipsis


Apocalipsis might teach us a more about the Middle Ages than we might otherwise think.

Apocalipsis nominated for Ordery Graczy on Graczpospolita.

Apocalipsis is now available on Switch.

Polygon about our game:

Apocalipsis is a dark, funny, terrifying adventure.

PC Gamer:

Apocalipsis creeps the hell out of me.

Thank you Polygamia.

Bang Bang We and Nergal on Revolver Magazine.

Bigbossbattle about demo Apocalipsis

Apocalipsis – Harry at the End of the World

is a unique puzzle point-and-click adventure game with action and story-driven sequences. Its beautiful hand-drawn apocalyptic graphics were inspired by Dürer’s engravings and the aesthetic of Dance Macabre.

About Us

We are a small but growing independent studio from Warsaw. We create games which original art style, story and gameplay where emotions are important. We combine games and films experience. We worked for Dead Island, Dying Light, Beat Cop.

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Krzysiek Grudziński – Game Director